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  • Equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor running at 2.60 GHz
  • 16 GB of memory supports the concurrent execution of numerous programs
  • 14" screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, provides an exceptional movie-watching experience with vivid visuals
  • Comes with remarkable 25-hour battery run time
  • Spacious with storage capacity of 512 GB SSD


Brand Dell, Lenovo, Acer
Model Name Latitude 5430 Rugged Laptop, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 11 , Acer ENDURO N7
Screen Size 14 Inches
Color Black
Hard Disk Size 512 GB
CPU Model Core i5
Ram Memory Installed Size 16 GB
Operating System Windows 11 Pro
Special Feature Anti-glare Screen, Water Resistant
Graphics Card Description Iris Xe Graphics


Welcome to Uranis General Trading – Your trusted partner in every kind of IT product solution. As one of the leading IT product suppliers in Libya, we bring a wide range of laptops to our customers. Our diverse laptop solutions cater to different industries, offering optimal performance and smooth integration for our customers’ requirements.


Standing at the front of innovation, we specialize in various rugged laptop solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We have established our company as a leading rugged laptop supplier in Libya. We commit to providing our customers with technological advancement, reliability, and excellence. 


Our all-encompassing network allows us to establish partnerships with top global brands and manufacturers, ensuring a consistent flow of innovation, technology, and expertise. It also allows us to supply cutting-edge rugged laptop solutions to empower businesses and individuals. 

What is a rugged laptop?

Rugged laptops are specifically built to be operated steadily in harsh environmental conditions, such as strong vibrations, dusty and wet weather, extreme temperatures, etc. These laptops are significantly different from regular ones in terms of their internal and external components, built-in quality, and cooling arrangements. 


Rugged laptops are mostly used for field, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, military, and transportation services. Agriculture professionals and individuals for outdoor recreation activities also use rugged laptops for professional purposes. 

Our outstanding collection of rugged laptops


At Uranis GT, we prioritize individual choices. We put extra effort into understanding the unique needs of our customers. As one of the top rugged laptop bulk wholesale traders in Libya, we offer attentive customer support, customised solutions, and collaborative partnerships, helping you meet your product requirements with precision. 


We specialize in bulk rugged laptop orders and provide unique quotations to get your order confirmation. We can assure our customers that each rugged laptop in our website’s product category section undergoes comprehensive testing and meets the highest industry standards. 


All types of rugged laptops are in stock and ready for prompt bulk delivery. Major cost savings on volume orders!


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Primary highlights of our rugged laptops

Rugged laptops are specially designed to operate in challenging environmental conditions. That’s why it’s crucial to consider certain significant features if you want to purchase rugged laptops. As a renowned rugged laptop supplier in Libya, we resource our laptops from internationally acclaimed brands, ensuring that the laptops can perform reliably in demanding situations. 


Here are some primary features of the rugged laptops we supply:

Durability and protection

In our tailored laptop inventory, all kinds of rugged laptops are disaster-proof and have MIL-STD certifications, adhering to military standards. Additionally, our rugged laptops come with higher Ingress-Protection (IP) ratings, ensuring better protection. This rating indicates the level of resistance of these laptops against dust and water. 

Sturdy exterior

Our rugged laptops are built with robust materials like high-strength polymers and magnesium alloy. These materials are best known for providing resistance against physical impact. 

Outdoor readable display

We supply rugged laptops with specialized displays with high brightness and anti-glare coatings. It improves the visual experience of our customers in harsh lighting conditions. 

Excellent thermal management

We specialise in rugged laptop imports in Libya. Our rugged laptops are equipped with built-in thermal management systems to prevent overheating by internal components. 

Protected ports

The ports of our rugged laptops are sealed carefully to protect them from environmental elements. Additionally, we supply some rugged laptop models that provide reinforced port covers to enhance their durability. 

Hot-swappable batteries

Some of our rugged laptops have hot-swappable batteries that ensure uninterrupted operation. This specific feature will allow you to replace a depleted battery without shutting down the laptop. 

The following are some other essential features of the rugged laptops we supply:


  • Backlit Keyboard
  • Drop Resistance
  • Biometric Authentication
  • GPS Functionality
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Enhanced Audio System

Shipping & Return

Shipping Information

  • Dispatch: Orders are processed within 48 hours of placement.
  • Warranty: Enjoy a 1-year brand warranty on all products, unless specified.
  • Shipping charges: Dynamically calculated based on factors such as destination, weight, and shipping method, providing accurate and transparent cost estimates tailored to your specific order through our shipping charges calculator.
  • Delivery Timeframe: International orders typically arrive within 7-10 business days.
  • Customs Duties: For international shipments, customers are responsible for any customs duties, taxes, or import fees.
  • Payment Options: Wire Transfer, Letter of Credit(L/C), Credit card payments, CAD
  • Return and Exchange Policy: 30-Day Return Window: We provide an easy and hassle-free return and exchange policy within 30 days of the purchase date.
  • Free and Easy Returns: Return and exchange processes are designed to be straight forward for customer convenience.

Why Uranis

Why to choose us

Quality assurance

We are a top rugged laptop bulk wholesale trader in Libya, and we believe in maintaining the quality of our products and services. We have partnerships with top-rated laptop manufacturers, assuring you that our rugged laptops will meet your requirements, standards, and affordability. 

Cost-effective pricing

If you place bulk orders for rugged laptops, it will benefit you in terms of your preferred budget. Our pricing is competitive and represents a transparent structure.

Personalized solutions

You need to specify your requirements; the other part is our responsibility. 

Our team is tirelessly working to assist you and understand your needs and preferences. Once you reach out to our sales team, they will provide you with customised solutions suitable for your needs and guide you until your product delivery is complete. 

Quick shipping facility

We have a dedicated logistics team. The team will ensure that you securely receive your bulk rugged laptop order on time, irrespective of any location in Libya. Every kind of payment option is available. Our international orders typically arrive within 7–10 business days.

Instant support and assistance

You can contact our technical support team at any time or drop your email address to get in touch. Whether you have any queries or concerns about our products, our team is there to help you; we also provide comprehensive after-sales support.

How To Order

How to order

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our website is easily operable, and so is our ordering process. A few simple steps, and you can reach out to us in no time!

Browse our homepage

Browse our homepage and explore our category section to find the appropriate rugged laptop for your needs. You can find a variety of rugged laptops suited for different workloads and environments.

Get in touch with our team

Every contact detail is available on our homepage. You can contact our sales team through email, phone call, or WhatsApp to discuss your laptop requirements. Whether you need expert support, or assistance, or have any queries about our products and services, we are here to help you.

Request a quote

You can find details about our rugged laptops in the laptop category section itself. If you want to know about a specific rugged laptop, click on the product image under the category section, followed by clicking on the ‘Inquire Now’ button. Fill out the form with relevant information and register to get a quotation instantly. From our end, you will receive a quote customised according to your preferred specifications and budget.

You can drop your email address in the highlighted section, and our team will contact you.

Confirm your order 

Once you are satisfied with the quotation, place your order and sit back. Our sales team will swiftly process your order and let you know about the expected delivery schedule.

Receive your delivery 

Rely on us regarding your product delivery. As a leading rugged laptop supplier in Libya, we handle the logistics with the utmost dedication. We value your time and ensure timely delivery of your bulk rugged laptop order in appropriate condition.




Are rugged laptops for regular use?

Ans. We supply top-branded rugged laptops designed to withstand challenging environmental conditions, like shock, water, dust, and vibration. You can use these rugged laptops in both indoor and outdoor settings. However, our rugged laptops cater to a wide range of industries, including field service, law enforcement, military, construction, and industrial settings. 

What certifications do your rugged laptops have?

Ans. We specialize in supplying rugged laptops with MIL-STD certification, adhering to military standards for durability. Additionally, most of these laptops come with higher IP ratings for water and dust resistance.  

Do you supply rugged laptops across Libya?

Ans. Yes, we supply rugged laptops across Libya. Our orders usually arrive within 7-10 business days.

Can I customise the specifications of the rugged laptops for ordering?

Ans. Yes, you can purchase rugged laptops according to your preferred specifications. You can share your requirements with our sales team and they will send you a tailored quotation. Your order will be confirmed only when you’re satisfied with the quotation. 

What facilities can I get while placing a bulk order?

Ans. You can get outstanding wholesale discounts and after-sales support from our end if you place a bulk order.       

Do your rugged laptops come with a warranty?

Ans. Yes, they do come with a standard warranty. We provide 1-year of brand warranty on all types of rugged laptops. You can find the details of other warranty coverage on our product description page. 

Are the batteries in your rugged laptops hot-swappable?

Ans. Yes, we supply rugged laptops with hot-swappable batteries that prevent extreme heat generation in the system. 

Do your rugged laptops have GPS functionality?

Ans. Yes, most of our rugged laptops come with built-in GPS functionality for accurate location tracking. 

What is your return and replacement procedure?

Ans. We have a free 30-day Return Window. We provide an easy and hassle-free return and exchange policy within 30 days of the purchase date. Return and exchange processes are designed to be straightforward for customer convenience. In case of an exchange issue, you can get in touch with our support team. 

What are the brands you have collaborated with?

Ans. Our extensive network allows us to build collaborations with globally renowned laptop manufacturers. It enables us to supply all types of latest rugged laptops across Libya. You can specify your preferred model and we will deliver accordingly. 

Are your rugged laptops new or refurbished?

Ans. The rugged laptops supplied by us are always in brand-new condition. As a leading laptop supplier in Libya, we believe in providing the best products and services. All of our rugged laptops are brand new and from renowned global manufacturers.