Gate Barriers

Category - Security System
  • Over 20 application programs included.
  • Up to 200 distinct sensitivity levels.
  • Zone Indications: 33 independent zones
  • All electronics—LCD, alarm light, LED bar graph, control touch pads
  • Integrated to eliminate wire Exposure.
  • Self Diagnostic Program
  • Zone Sensitivity Boost
  • 10-hour or 30-hour backup available.


Brand Garette
Model Name PD 6500i walk through metal detector
Speciality 10-30 hours Battery Backup
Usage Security Check
Detector Common Metal
Tamper-Proof Setting 3 access levels of security clearance.


We, Uranis General Trading, are your premier security solutions provider. Top-branded cutting-edge gate barriers are one of the signature products of our security solution inventory. Our gate barrier solutions enhance your security, elevate the overall safety of your premises, and simplify access control. Established in 2013, Uranis GT has ranked itself among the esteemed gate barrier suppliers in Libya. At Uranis GT, we provide high-quality gate barrier solutions for the diverse requirements of individuals and businesses. 

As a trusted name in the IT industry, we are committed to delivering advanced gate barrier solutions, focusing on reliability, innovation, optimal performance, and customer satisfaction. We understand that every individual has unique needs. That’s why we provide our customers the freedom to share their preferences with us. We aim to provide tailored solutions that perfectly align with your specific choices. We specialize in gate barrier imports in Libya and ensure that our gate barrier solutions blend effortlessly with the security requirements of the modern world. 

Check out our extensive range of premium gate barrier solutions 

As a renowned gate barrier wholesale trader in Libya, we have an extensive range of gate barrier systems with diverse specifications. We understand the importance of security in our lives. Each gate barrier system in our inventory undergoes careful inspection to provide robust security to our customers. You can enjoy the ease of use and efficient access control with our cutting-edge gate barrier system collection. 

Our dedicated sales and customer service team is there to assist our valued clients throughout your ordering process, from product selection to after-sales support. We prioritize quality and performance. We offer exclusive gate barrier solutions with tailored specifications to meet your security requirements. We accept bulk orders and provide unique quotations to proceed with your delivery. We resource our gate barrier systems from top brands and manufacturers across the globe to provide you with the latest security technology and innovation. 

All types of gate barrier solutions are readily available in stock at reasonable pricing. Big savings in bulk orders! 


Primary highlights of our gate barrier solutions

As one of the top gate barrier suppliers in Libya, our mission is to offer our top-notch gate barrier systems to commercial and industrial establishments, educational institutions, residential complexes, shopping malls, airports, and other security points. Our gate barrier solutions are versatile and capable of meeting diverse security needs. As the concept of gate barriers is associated with authorized and unauthorized entry, It’s necessary to consider a few essential features while purchasing gate barriers. 

Let’s check out the highlighting features of our gate barrier solutions. 

Remote control 

Our gate barrier solutions come with remote control features. You can conveniently manage the gate barriers from a distance according to your preference. Other devices are also compatible with our gate barrier solutions. Users can operate the gate barrier systems by using mobile apps and transmitters. 

High-quality boom lights 

The gate barrier systems we supply come with high-quality LED lights on the barrier boom. These boom lights enhance visibility and ensure safe passage for vehicles. These boom lights will help you a lot during your nighttime operations.

Manual override 

Most of our gate barrier systems have a manual override feature. If there is any event of a power outage or system failure, the gate barrier can be manually overridden for continued operation. You can use our gate barriers even if there is a system failure without compromising the performance. 

Built-in battery backup 

Power interruptions are quite common nowadays. Keeping this in mind, we have tailored our inventory with gate barriers equipped with a built-in battery backup system. Enjoy uninterrupted operation with our high-performance gate barriers! 

Multiple access control 

Multiple access control method is another significant feature of our gate barriers. Our gate barriers support diverse access control methods, such as biometric systems, RFID cards, and mobile apps based on diverse user needs. 

Anti-tailgating system 

The anti-tailgating system in our gate barriers prevents unauthorized entry. This system also detects multiple users who attempt to pass through with a single authorization. In short, our gate barrier systems provide you with the ultimate peace of mind.

Intercom or Video Intercom Integration

As a top-rated gate barrier supplier in Libya, we understand the importance of accessibility when it comes to security systems. Our gate barriers are integrated with intercom or video intercom systems. This feature facilitates communication with visitors before granting them access and enhances overall security and control. 

Following are some other essential features of the gate barriers we supply.

  • Automatic operation
  • Customizable boom length
  • Traffic light integration
  • Safety sensors
  • Weather resistance
  • User-friendly interface
  • Built-in loop detectors
  • Emergency stop button
  • Robust durability 
  • Automatic maintenance alerts

Shipping & Return

Shipping Information

  • Dispatch: Orders are processed within 48 hours of placement.
  • Warranty: Enjoy a 1-year brand warranty on all products, unless specified.
  • Shipping charges: Dynamically calculated based on factors such as destination, weight, and shipping method, providing accurate and transparent cost estimates tailored to your specific order through our shipping charges calculator.
  • Delivery Timeframe: International orders typically arrive within 7-10 business days.
  • Customs Duties: For international shipments, customers are responsible for any customs duties, taxes, or import fees.
  • Payment Options: Wire Transfer, Letter of Credit(L/C), Credit card payments, CAD
  • Return and Exchange Policy: 30-Day Return Window: We provide an easy and hassle-free return and exchange policy within 30 days of the purchase date.
  • Free and Easy Returns: Return and exchange processes are designed to be straight forward for customer convenience.

Why Uranis

Why to choose us-

Quality assurance 

We are one of the top gate-barrier wholesale traders in Libya, and we believe in maintaining the quality of our products and services. We have partnerships with top-rated gate barrier manufacturers, assuring you that our gate barriers will meet your requirements, standards, and affordability. 

Cost-effective pricing 

If you place bulk orders for gate barriers, it will benefit you in terms of your preferred budget. Our pricing is competitive and represents a transparent structure.

Personalized solutions 

You need to specify your requirements; the other part is our responsibility. 

Our team is tirelessly working to assist you and understand your needs and preferences. Once you reach out to our sales team, they will provide you with customised solutions suitable for your needs and guide you until your product delivery is complete. 

Quick shipping facility 

We have a dedicated logistics team. The team will ensure that you securely receive your bulk gate barrier order on time, irrespective of any location in Libya. Every kind of payment option is available. Our international orders typically arrive within 7–10 business days.

Instant support and assistance 

You can contact our technical support team at any time or drop your email address to get in touch. Whether you have any queries or concerns about our products, our team is there to help you; we also provide comprehensive after-sales support.

How To Order

How to order 

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our website is easily operable, and so is our ordering process. A few simple steps, and you can reach out to us in no time!

Browse our homepage

Browse our homepage and explore our category section to find the appropriate gate barrier for your needs. You can find a variety of gate barriers suited for different workloads and environments.

Get in touch with our team

Every contact detail is available on our homepage. You can contact our sales team through email, phone call, or WhatsApp to discuss your gate barrier requirements. Whether you need expert support, or assistance, or have any queries about our products and services, we are here to help you.

Request a quote

You can find details about our gate barrier collections in the security system category section itself. If you want to know about a specific gate barrier system, click on the product image under the category section, followed by clicking on the ‘Inquire Now’ button. Fill out the form with relevant information and register to get a quotation instantly. From our end, you will receive a quote customised according to your preferred specifications and budget.

You can drop your email address in the highlighted section, and our team will contact you.

Confirm your order 

 Once you are satisfied with the quotation, place your order and sit back. Our sales team will swiftly process your order and let you know about the expected delivery schedule.

Receive your delivery 

Rely on us regarding your product delivery. As a leading gate-barrier wholesale trader in Libya, we handle the logistics with the utmost dedication. We value your time and ensure the timely delivery of your bulk gate barrier order in appropriate condition.



1) What types of gate barrier systems do you supply?

Ans. We understand that every client has different security requirements. That’s why we offer an extensive range of gate barriers with exceptional features to suit various entry and exit requirements. You can get in touch with our sales team to discuss your gate barrier preferences. You will be guided with tailored solutions. 

2) Can I customize the features of the gate barrier systems according to my security needs?
Ans. Yes, you can purchase gate barrier systems according to your preferred specifications, such as sizes, materials, and configurations. 

3) Do you accept bulk orders?
Ans. Yes, we do offer bulk ordering of every product we supply. You can know about the details by contacting our customer support team. 

4) What are the key features of your gate barrier solutions?
Ans. Our gate barrier systems come with various essential features, including automatic operation, safety sensors, high-quality boom lights, multiple access control systems, traffic light integration, a built-in battery backup system and loop detectors, and more. 

5) Do you supply gate barriers from all brands?
Ans. We resource high-quality gate barrier solutions from globally acclaimed brands and manufacturers to provide you with the latest innovations and technology. You can specify your brand and model preference with our sales team. 

6) How do I choose the right gate barrier for my needs?
Ans. Our dedicated sales team assists our customers in selecting suitable gate barrier systems. However, while selecting the appropriate gate barriers, you can consider certain factors, such as traffic volume, desired level of security, budget constraints, and available space. 

7) Are your gate barriers suitable for outdoor use?
Ans. Absolutely. Our gate barrier systems are capable of withstanding various outdoor conditions and are weather-resistant, representing durability and longevity. 

8) Can I get wholesale deals if I order gate barriers in bulk quantity?
Ans. Yes, we offer exclusive discounted prices for bulk orders. Contact our customer service team to learn more about wholesale discounts. 

9) What is your return and replacement procedure?
Ans.  We have a free 30-day Return Window. We provide an easy and hassle-free return and exchange policy within 30 days of the purchase date. Return and exchange processes are designed to be straightforward for customer convenience. In case of an exchange issue, you can get in touch with our support team.

10) What types of warranty do your gate barriers come with?
Ans. Our gate barrier solutions come with a standard warranty. We provide 1-year of brand warranty on all types of gate barrier systems. You can find the details of other warranty coverage on our product description page. 

11) Do you provide installation services for your gate barriers?
Ans. Unfortunately no. We don’t provide installation services for your gate barriers. However, we provide after-sales support. If you have any issues with the products and services we deliver, kindly contact our team or drop an email. Our sales team will get in touch with you swiftly. 

12) Are your gate barriers easy to maintain?
Ans. Yes, you can seamlessly maintain our gate barriers. If you experience any maintenance issues, get in touch with our sales team. They will provide you with maintenance guidance and support to ensure maximum performance over time. 

13) What is the lead time for ordering and delivery of your gate barriers?
Ans. The lead time usually varies depending on the type and quantity of an order. Our customer service team will provide you with an estimated delivery timeline based on your specific requirements. However, our orders usually arrive within 7-10 business days.