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Welcome to Uranis General Trading – the ultimate solution for your electronic optical device requirements. With years of expertise in the IT industry, we offer premier projector solutions for various applications, such as business presentations, entertainment venues, educational institutions, and more. If you’re looking for top-branded projectors in bulk quantity, we have the expertise and assistance to provide you with that. Since 2013, our company has maintained top quality and performance with every product and service we offer. As one of the renowned projector suppliers in Libya, our innovative projector technology approach helps us stay ahead in industry trends and advancements constantly. 


We specialize in projector imports in Libya; we collaborate with globally acclaimed brands and manufacturers to resources our projector solutions. We provide the latest innovation and technology with our products and services. Whether you need high-end premium models for immersive cinema experiences or portable projectors for on-the-go presentations, we have the perfect solution for you in our inventory. 

Delve into the wide range of our projector selection

As one of the leading projector wholesale traders, we recognize that electronic optical devices play a significant role in various settings. From classrooms to boardrooms – projectors facilitate dynamic visual experiences. We understand that everyone has their own requirements regarding optical devices. Our dedicated sales experts work closely with each customer to understand their unique requirements and budget. We offer unique quotations and customized solutions based on our customer’s preferences. 


We have tailored our projector inventory with utmost dedication. So that our clients can get exactly what they want. Explore our wide range of projector solutions solutions. All types of projector solutions are available in stock at remarkable wholesale discounts. Hurry! Start ordering now. 


Primary highlights of our projectors 


Projectors play a significant role in delivering engaging presentations, elevating learning experiences, and promoting effective communication in various settings. The most crucial advantage is that projectors allow a large audience to view visual content fostering a better understanding of information. Projectors also serve as versatile tools for entertainment, capable of transforming any space into a cinematic experience. 


Our extensive range of projectors encompasses various technologies, sizes, and features catering to diverse requirements and budgets. We recommend you check certain useful features before purchasing projectors for your needs. Let’s have a look at the features we provide with our projector solutions.

High resolution 

Our projector solutions offer crisp and clear images with high resolution. We ensure a stunning visual experience for our customers. Our projectors are the ideal choice for your presentation, movies, and gaming needs. Additionally, our projectors are equipped with powerful lumens delivering bright and vibrant images even in brightly illuminated surroundings. All these make our projectors the ideal choice for your presentation, movies, and gaming needs. 


Diverse connectivity options 

As one of the top projector suppliers in Libya, we understand the importance of versatile connectivity options. That’s why we ensure that our projector solutions are incorporated with a diverse range of connectivity options, including USB, VGA, HDMI, and other wireless capabilities. It ensures effortless integration with different devices. 


Extended lamp longevity 

Our projectors come with durable lamps that help reduce maintenance costs and ensure consistent performance over an extended period. 


Keystone correction 

We specialize in resourcing projectors with built-in keystone correction features. These features allow easy adjustment of image distortion. Our projector solutions offer optimal picture quality no matter what the projection angle is. 


Outstanding portability 

Our projectors are specially designed for convenience. As they are lightweight and compact, it’s easy for you to transport and set up our projectors for presentation on the go. 


Eco-friendly operation 

We are one of the renowned projector wholesale traders, we offer energy-efficient modes with our projector solutions. This mode reduces power consumption making our projectors environment-friendly and cost-effective. 


Below are other key features of our projectors.


  • Multimedia compatibility 
  • Built-in speakers
  • User-friendly interface
  • Remote control functionality 
  • Multiple projection modes 
  • Quick start-up and shut-down times
  • Lens shift and zoom capabilities
  • 3D projection capabilities
  • Quiet operation 

Shipping & Return


Orders are processed within 48 hours of placement.



Enjoy a 1-year brand warranty on all products, unless specified.


Shipping charges: 

Dynamically calculated based on factors such as destination, weight, and shipping method, providing accurate and transparent cost estimates tailored to your specific order through our shipping charges calculator.


Delivery timeframe: 

International orders typically arrive within 7-10 business days.


Customs duties: 

For international shipments, customers are responsible for any customs duties, taxes, or import fees.


Payment options: 

Wire Transfer, Letter of Credit(L/C), Credit card payments, CAD


Return and exchange policy: 

30-Day Return Window: We provide an easy and hassle-free return and exchange policy within 30 days of the purchase date.


Free and easy returns:

Return and exchange processes are designed to be straightforward for customer convenience.

Why Uranis

Quality assurance 

We are a top projector wholesale trader in Libya, and we believe in maintaining the quality of our products and services. We have close partnerships with top-rated projector manufacturers, ensuring that our scanner solutions meet your requirements, standards, and affordability. 


Cost-effective pricing 

If you place bulk orders for projectors, it will benefit you in terms of your preferred budget. Our pricing is competitive and represents a transparent structure.

Personalised solutions 

You need to specify your requirements; the other part is our responsibility. 

Our team is tirelessly working to assist you and understand your needs and preferences. Once you reach out to our sales team, they will provide you with customized solutions suitable for your needs and guide you until your product delivery is complete. 

Quick shipping facility

We have a dedicated logistics team. The team will ensure that you securely receive your bulk projector solution order on time, irrespective of any location in Libya. Every kind of payment option is available. Our international orders typically arrive within 7–10 business days.

Instant support and assistance 

You can contact our technical support team at any time or drop your email address to get in touch. Whether you have any queries or concerns about our products, our team is there to help you; we also provide comprehensive after-sales support.

How To Order

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our website is easily operable, and so is our ordering process. A few simple steps, and you can reach out to us in no time!

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Browse our homepage and explore our category section to find the appropriate projector for your needs. You can find a variety of projector solutions suited for different workloads and environments.

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Every contact detail is available on our homepage. You can contact our sales team through email, phone call, or WhatsApp to discuss your projector requirements. Whether you need expert support, or assistance, or have any queries about our products and services, we are here to help you.

Request a quote

You can find details about our projector in the category section itself. If you want to know about a specific projector, click on the product image under the category section, followed by clicking on the ‘Inquire Now’ button. Fill out the form with relevant information and register to get a quotation instantly. From our end, you will receive a quote customized according to your preferred specifications and budget.

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Rely on us regarding your product delivery. As a leading projector wholesale trader in Libya, we handle the logistics with the utmost dedication. We value your time and ensure timely delivery of your bulk projector order in appropriate condition.


Q. What types of projectors do you supply?

Ans. We supply an extensive range of projectors, such as home theater projectors, portable projectors, multimedia projectors, laser projectors, and more. 

Q.  What brands of projectors do you provide?

Ans.  We resource our projectors from top-rated international brands. You can specify your preferred brand and model, we will deliver accordingly. However, the available model may vary. 

Get in touch with our sales team to learn about the current brands and models available for bulk ordering. 

Q.  What are the key features I should consider when choosing a projector?

Ans. We recommend our clients consider certain key features, such as resolution, brightness, connectivity options, lamp life, and keystone correction. 

Q.  Do you offer installation services?

Ans. Unfortunately, no. Presently, we don’t offer installation services for our projectors. However, you can contact our sales team for guidance and assistance regarding your purchase. 

Q.  What is your return policy?

Ans. We have a free 30-day Return Window. We provide an easy and hassle-free return and exchange policy within 30 days of the purchase date. Return and exchange processes are designed to be straightforward for customer convenience. In case of an exchange issue, you can get in touch with our support team.

Q.  Do you offer a warranty on your projectors?

Ans. Our projectors come with a standard warranty. We provide 1-year of brand warranty on all types of projectors. You can find the details of other warranty coverage on our product description page. 

Q. Do you levy shipping charges?

Ans. Yes, we do levy shipping charges. The shipping charges are dynamically calculated based on factors such as destination, weight, and shipping method, providing accurate and transparent cost estimates tailored to your specific order through our shipping charges calculator.

Q.  Are your projectors equipped with keystone correction features?

Ans. Yes, our projectors are equipped with keystone correction features. It allows easy adjustment of image distortion. Our projector solutions offer optimal picture quality regardless of the projection angle.